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An Overview of Harmonics and Power Quality

Category: PQ Theory, Power Quality, Harmonics/Interharmonics

fig3Check out our new white paper detailing harmonic distortion and how it affects power quality for utilities and end users.


Although distortion begins with harmonic currents drawn by end user loads, the utility is responsible for voltage quality as delivered to customers. 


The physics of voltage drop, nonlinear currents, and the practicalities
of the electric distribution network make it impossible
to eliminate harmonic distortion entirely.


The intertwined relationship between end-user load current and delivered utility voltage can create complex situations requiring detailed measurements and cooperation from all sides.


Some harmonic PQ issues present immediate symptoms due to nuisance equipment shutdowns or mis-operation, and some are hidden until equipment fails prematurely due to excessive heat.


Harmonics present complex engineering challenges, and understanding the issues surrounding harmonics is the first step to solving them.


This White Paper Includes:

  • What is Harmonic Distortion?
  • Steady-State vs. Transient Distortion
  • Relationship Between Voltage (Utility) and Current (Customer) Distortion
  • Problems Caused by Harmonics
  • Harmonic Mitigation
  • Measuring Harmonics
  • Harmonic Standards

Download White Paper Here