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Analyzing Voltage Sags with RMS Capture

Category: PQ Data Analysis, Voltage Sag, Power Quality

Analyzing Voltage Sags with RMS CaptureAnalyzing Voltage Sags with RMS Capture_02

Learn how powerful ProVision's RMS Capture tool is and why it is ideal for analyzing voltage sags.


This white paper covers the topic of voltage sags and a sometimes under-used graphing feature in Provision called the RMS Capture graph.


The RMS Capture graph can be very revealing when evaluating and analyzing voltage sags.


The RMS Capture allows a user to produce a graph with waveform-level detail without having the scaling problems that occur when using raw sine waves for RMS readings.


When there is a measurement need for RMS information, such as analyzing voltage sags, an interval graph does not provide enough detail, and a raw waveform capture plot has an overwhelming amount of detail, along with scaling issues when viewing peak-to-peak sine waves.


Here the RMS capture graph may be the best overall view.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Voltage Sags
  • RMS Capture

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