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Analyzing Voltage Sags with RMS Capture

Category: Voltage Sag, Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis

Analyzing Voltage Sags with RMS CaptureAnalyzing Voltage Sags with RMS Capture

Learn how powerful ProVision's RMS Capture tool is and why it is ideal for analyzing voltage sags.


This white paper covers the topic of voltage sags and a sometimes under-used graphing feature in Provision called the RMS Capture graph.


The RMS Capture graph can be very revealing when evaluating and analyzing voltage sags.


The RMS Capture allows a user to produce a graph with waveform-level detail without having the scaling problems that occur when using raw sine waves for RMS readings.


When there is a measurement need for RMS information, such as analyzing voltage sags, an interval graph does not provide enough detail, and a raw waveform capture plot has an overwhelming amount of detail, along with scaling issues when viewing peak-to-peak sine waves.


Here the RMS capture graph may be the best overall view.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Voltage Sags
  • RMS Capture

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