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Automatic Update Manager

Category: ProVision, Box Recorder

When software products were first created, it was common to only release a final version, simply due to the overhead of tdistributing the products via physical medium. However, with the advent of the internet, it’s now possible for upgrades and new versions of software to be periodically released. Software packages provided by PMI, such as ProVision, are no exception to this and are constantly upgraded, modified, and patched in order to meet the changing needs of engineers and technicians, as well as to maintain compatibility with other hardware and software products distributed by PMI.

ProVision is no exception, and new versions are distributed as features are added or existing ones are modified, or when an occasional flaw is repaired. Up until recently, it’s been necessary to manually check the PMI website in order to determine what the latest available version of ProVision is. However, ProVision version 1.60, build 4525, released on May 2012, changes all of that by introducing the upgrade manager. This whitepaper serves as a demonstration of the features, functionality, and capabilities of the upgrade manager.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Provision Update Manager
  • Functionality
  • Other Ways to Obtain Firmware

Download White Paper Here