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Customizing the GE Flicker Curve

Category: Power Quality, Flicker

Customizing the GE Flicker Curve

Customizing the GE Flicker Curve_02

Understand which steps should be taken to change default flicker curve settings and how to identify situations in which this may be vital.


Flicker is still one of the top PQ complaints reported to utilities, therefore it is important to be able to effectively quantify and evaluate these types of problems.


In many situations it can be beneficial to customize the flicker curve to meet the needs of the individual situation or to existing “house” standards already developed and in use by the utility.


The flicker monitor available on PMI recorders has settings that allow the default IEEE Standard 141 (GE Flicker curve) to be customized based on a user specified settings.


This paper will help users understand the steps necessary to change the default flicker curve settings and the situations in which this need might arise.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Flicker Perception and Causes
  • What is the GE Flicker Curve?
  • Reasons to Define a New Curve
  • GE Flicker Curve Default Settings
  • How to Define New Flicker Parameters
  • Further Customizations

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