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Getting Started with Stripchart Analysis in ProVision

Category: ProVision, PMI Products, Box Recorder

Understand stripcharts and stripchart tools available in our ProVision software for efficient PQ data analysis.


Stripchart data, also known as trend or interval data, is often the most important information in a power quality recording.


The bulk of the recorder memory is dedicated to it, and the stripchart gives the overall “narrative” of the monitoring point during the recording.


ProVision offers several graph features and data analysis mechanisms for quickly analyzing this wealth of raw data.


Some are geared towards measuring specific events, while others facilitate trend analysis, or discovering relationships between equipment and delivered voltage.


These ProVision stripchart tools are described in this white paper.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Loading Stripcharts
  • Point Table
  • Computed Stripcharts
  • Stripchart Report
  • Selecting Traces
  • Hot-Keys

Download White Paper Here