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Hidden Delta Voltage Unbalance

Category: PMI Products, Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis, Voltage Unbalance, Voltage, Eagle

Hidden Delta Voltage UnbalanceHidden Delta Voltage Unbalance

Understand the theory behind voltage unbalance only noticed in a delta hookup.


Voltage unbalance should be measured with the same hookup type that a sensitive load is using.


Motors and VFD controllers are the most common type of equipment sensitive to voltage unbalance, and these are usually connected as delta, even when the service is a wye.


In this situation, it’s important to measure unbalance not as the service is wired, but as the sensitive equipment is wired – delta.


The wye voltages could appear perfect, while the delta voltages are significantly unbalanced solely due to voltage phase shifts.


Whether using a Revolution, Eagle, or Boomerang, configure it to match the hookup type of the load most sensitive to unbalance – usually a delta.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Voltage Unbalance Defined
  • Theory
  • In the Lab
  • In the Field

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