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Measuring Frequency with PMI Recorders

Category: Eagle, PMI Products, Using PMI Recorders, PQ Data Analysis, Guardian

When conducting a power quality investigation for routine monitoring, it is crucial to understand the importance of how frequency is distinguished in PMI recorders.


Line frequency is the most tightly controlled parameter in the electrical distribution system. Since almost all generation in a region is connected essentially in parallel, the frequency is inherently synchronized through most utilities.


Most generators increase or decrease their power with slight changes in frequency (speed up the generator for more power, slow it down for less), so on a system-wide scale, generators are adjusting to real-time changes in aggregate load by slightly adjusting their frequency, in a coordinated and distributed fashion.


Consequently, measuring line frequency during a PQ investigation or for routine monitoring is not often required. For those times when it is required, it’s important to understand how frequency is characterized and displayed in PMI recorders.


All PMI recorders that can measure harmonics can also measure and record frequency. This includes the Revolution, Eagle and Eagle 120, Guardian, and ViP. The method used is identical in each recorder...

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