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Measuring Power

Category: ProVision, PQ Data Analysis

Measuring Real PowerLearn how to use PMI's Revolution recorder and ProVision software to properly measure and analyze PQ data.


Power flow burden within an AC circuit can be separated into two distinct components: real power, measured in Watts, and reactive power, measured in Volt-Amperes Reactive.


The total power in a system is a complex vector, with the real component composed of the real power (W) and the imaginary component composed of the reactive power (VARs).


Real power is the energy delivered through the system that is spent doing work.


Any motion created, light generated, heat produced, or other “useful” work is due to the real component of the total power.


The sign of the real power indicates flow direction – positive power is power consumed, negative power is power generated...


This White Paper Includes:

  • An Overview of Power
  • Revolution Power Measurement
  • Viewing Graphs and Reports in ProVision

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