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Plotting PQ Events on the CBEMA - ITIC Curve

Category: Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis

Plotting PQ Events on the CBEMA ITIC CurvePlotting PQ Events on the CBEMA ITIC Curve_01

Learn how to use the CBEMA and ITIC curves in ProVision to represent voltage events.


The CBEMA and ITIC curves are used to show voltage events. Some PMI recorders can record these events and then ProVision can be used to plot these events on the CBEMA and ITIC curves.


If you have a recording from a device that cannot record ITIC events directly, you can still plot these events by hand.


To plot an event on these curves you need voltage change and event duration.


The method for plotting an event on the ITIC curve from ProVision data is shown here.


This White Paper Includes:

  • What are CBEMA and ITIC Curves?
  • ProVision Example
  • Graphing the CBEMA/ITIC Curve by Hand

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