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Quantifying Residential Voltage Sags

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Quantifying Residential Voltage SagsQuantifying Residential Voltage Sags

Determine if there is a sag issue on the customer or utility side of a meter.


Voltage sags are a frequent source of customer complaints, often indirectly via reports of resetting computers, restarting heat pumps, and electronic equipment powering off.


Quantifying sags at the service entrance is important to determine if there is an actual sag problem, and if so, whether the problem resides on the utility or customer side of the meter.


Presentation of sag data to the customer may be required in cases where the source of the problem lies within the residence.


Example graphs and an analysis strategy for analyzing voltage sags in residential situations are presented here...


This White Paper Includes:

  • Voltage Sag Overview
  • Spotting Voltage Sags
  • Measuring Voltage Sags
  • Determining Sag Acceptability

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