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Seven Common Utility Distribution Challenges: How the Boomerang and Canvass Can Help

Category: Boomerang, Canvass

Read about seven common utility distribution challenges and how to utilize PMI's Boomerang and Canvass to help identify and solve these issues.


Here’s our quick list of 7 common utility distribution challenges. These shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone in the industry as utility companies are experiencing more challenges than ever. And finding ways to quickly identify, manage, analyze, and resolve problems is a pressing issue.


In addition to identification of the issues we also discuss how you can utilize PMI’s Boomerang hardware coupled with Canvass software to rapidly identify and address issues. The wireless cell-based Boomerang voltage/current sensor, coupled with the cloud-based Canvass data collection and analysis system, lets you visualize what’s happening in your distribution network with unprecedented resolution and ease.


Boomerangs at substations, end of lines, at cap banks, in Form 2S meter bases, or even at a 120V receptacle automatically stream voltage, current, and power data to PMI’s cloud-based Canvass system. Generate graphs and reports in a web browser, receive instant email and SMS alerts on system activity, and export high-resolution data for detailed engineering analysis without the hassle of SCADA historian report writing, installing PC software or installing cumbersome multi- product solutions.

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