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Spotting Loose Neutrals with Waveform Capture

Category: PQ Data Analysis, Analyzing Waveforms, Voltage, Loose Neutrals

Learn how to identify loose neutrals in waveform capture data before more serious symptoms occur.


Balanced loads, alternate current paths through a ground, etc. can hide the pattern of a loose neutral during a particular recording.


However, in many cases with a persistent open connection the signs are visible in the RMS stripchart using the loose neutral graph, or the Loose Neutral Report in ProVision.


Before that happens, more subtle indications may be present in the waveform capture data that are not as obvious in the stripchart. For sub-cycle intermittent problems, the RMS value may not be altered enough to be noticeable in the stripchart.


In these cases, the pattern may be spotted in waveform capture data while the problem remains at the sub-cycle duration, before it presents more serious symptoms...


This White Paper Includes:

  • Background
  • Loose Neutrals in RMS Data
  • Loose Neutrals in Instantaneous (Waveform) Data

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