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Strategies for Investigating Flicker

Category: PQ Data Analysis, Flicker

Strategies for Investigating FlickerStrategies-for-Investigating-Flicker

Read why well-chosen recording points, especially when using PMI recorders, are crucial to an effective flicker investigation.


Investigating flicker issues with PMI recorders can be straightforward if the right data is collected, and analyzed with ProVision. By enabling and examining Pst and IFL flicker data, in addition to RMS voltage and current, flicker can be quantified, and possible direction of the flicker source identified.


Often the recordings will show that a potential problem exists but then comes the more difficult process of identifying the possible causes. PMI recorders can also be used to aid in the investigation of these causes.


It is usually just a matter of knowing what data should be captured and how to interpret the results via Provision. Investigation into the possible source of flicker falls into this category of issues, and is described in this white paper.


This White Paper Includes:

  • The Problem
  • The Recording
  • The Analysis

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