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Techniques for Analyzing Motor Startups

Category: Voltage Sag, Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis, Voltage

Techniques for Analyzing Motor Startups


Learn the essentials and techniques for analyzing motor startups and how PMI recorders can help.


1. Motor startup currents will vary depending on the specific design of the motor; however, all motors always have a much higher peak startup current than what is required to keep them running under normal load conditions.


It is important to make sure that the range is set high enough to record the peak startup currents. If you are not sure what current range to select, double-click the

current range.


2. Use a very small stripchart interval such as 1 second or even 1 cycle to allow maximum time resolution.


3. Turn off all unneeded channels and measurements to allow for maximum recording time with a short interval...


This White Paper Includes:

  • The Induction Motor and What to Expect
  • Initialization and Setup

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