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Understanding Crest Factor

Category: PMI Products, Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis, Analyzing Waveforms, Eagle

Understand what Crest Factor is and how to use PMI equipment to measure it.


Crest Factor is a very quick and simple measurement that can be used to determine the compatibility of a load that will be powered from a synthetic AC source, such as an inverter or UPS.


The combination of a PMI recorder and ProVision can be used to determine this factor and verify the solar inverter, generator, UPS or other synthetic AC source’s capacity to handle the measured load appropriately.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Crest Factor Defined
  • What Does Crest Factor Show Us?
  • Crest Factor Rating
  • Crest Factor vs. THD
  • Measuring Crest Factor (A Practical Example)

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