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Understanding IEEE 1159 Definitions

Category: IEEE Standards

It is very important to have recommended guidelines and practices in place regarding power quality monitoring with the use of consistent terminology and definitions of power quality phenomena. This is the basis of the IEEE 1159 Standard. It allows for clear and consistent communication between engineers, technicians and others involved in power generation and distribution system. The IEEE 1159 and the IEC 61000 both cover power quality standards, but unlike the IEC 61000, the IEEE 1159 is a recommended guideline which is very informative, but not a national standard enforced by law.


This white paper includes:

  • Purpose
  • Flicker
  • Fundamental components
  • Imbalance or unbalance voltage or current
  • Impulsive transient
  • Instantaneous
  • Interharmonic component
  • Long-duration RMS variation
  • Momentary interruptions
  • RMS variation
  • Short-duration RMS variation
  • Sustained interruption
  • More

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