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Understanding Triplen Harmonics

Category: Harmonics/Interharmonics

WP152_fig1Learn about triplen harmonics, how they are caused and what they affect. Plus, understand how to mitigate triplen harmonics.


As time progresses, new regulations and technologies will continue to introduce energy saving devices such as the switching power supplies, fluorescent lamps, CFL, LED lighting and other non-linear electronics.


Even though the efficiency of each individual devices continues to increase, its effect to the power transmission system may not always be as positive as first thought. Sometimes improvements in one area, as in improved efficiency, can often cause problems in another area, such as nonlinear loads.


Triplen harmonics that are caused by nonlinear loads can cause issues such as excessive neutral currents, transformer failures, excessive heating of motors, electronic device failures, failed capacitor banks, breakers and fuses tripping, and communication issues related to RFI and noise ingression into the communication system.


With the right monitoring equipment and integrated software, and an understanding of power quality fundamentals, it is possible to continually and effectively assess overall system health and prevent potential system failure.


Even though triplen harmonics may not be completely eliminated, steps can be taken to control them, such as filtering and designing the system to be able to handle them by upsizing the neutral lines and transformer capacities.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Triplen Harmonics
  • Sources of Triplen Harmonics
  • Issues Resulting from Triplen Harmonics
  • Ways to Reduce Triplen Harmonics

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