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Vector Diagrams for Commonly Used Power Circuits

Category: PMI Products, Using PMI Recorders, Eagle

Vector Diagrams for Commonly Used Power Circuits

Understand vectors and vector diagrams, and learn how to better you PQ investigations.Vector Diagrams for Commonly Used Power Circuits_BPimage


Checking a monitor installation to ensure it has been installed correctly is an important step in the power quality investigation.


It can be accomplished by checking the vector diagram obtained from the circuit under test with a reference vector diagram known to be correct.


Two methods are discussed but the first will be the most useful since it enables viewing the vector diagram in real time precluding the need for recorded data.


Determining if the installation is correct in this way may eliminate the need to record a second time and ensures recording accurate data.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Vector Definition
  • What is a Vector Diagram?
  • Viewing Vector Diagrams in Provision
  • Reference Vector Diagrams
  • Comparing Vector Diagrams
  • What is Phase Rotation?

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