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Voltage Regulation Power Quality Problems from Photovoltaic Systems During Intermittent Cloud Cover

Category: Distributed Generation

Discover how photovoltaic systems affect voltage regulation during intermittent cloud cover with real-world examples and detailed graphs.


Among the ever-increasing list of questions being posed by utilities about the immediate effects of photovoltaic systems is this: what are the effects of intermittent cloud cover as they relate to voltage regulation?


The goal of this white paper is to answer that question by providing some concrete examples and graphs taken from measurements that have been collected over several months from diverse climatological regions in the US.


Voltage delivered to customers is dependent upon two things: either the voltage as it is set from the substation or at a regulator mid-line and on the customers’ current loads.


The effect of the customer current load influences the voltage on the distribution system wiring in an inversely proportional manner: as customer current load increases the voltage on the line decreases; as customer current load decreases the voltage on the line increases.


This is due to V=IR losses in the distribution wiring, losses in transformers, etc...


This white paper includes:

  • Voltage Distribution without the Influence of PV Systems
  • Aggregate Load Prediction
  • Introduction of PV into the Equation
  • Net Results of Intermittent Cloud Coverage on PV Systems as it Relates to Voltage Regulation

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