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Advanced E-Mail Alerts in Canvass

Category: Revolution, Boomerang, Canvass

One of the most popular, and useful, features in Canvass is the Distribution List, which allows any chosen alert or event, from any Canvass-enabled device, to be transmitted by email to one or more recipients. Until now, every alert or event from a Boomerang in a distribution list would generate an email to all list recipients, every time either was encountered. For momentary interruptions or other temporary events, this can result in a flurry of emails for a problem that’s already resolved on its own. To address these cases, new email aggregation controls have been added. These options, outlined in this white paper, give the user more control over these distribution list emails. 


This white paper includes:

  • Adjustable holdoff time
  • Configuring distribution list holdoff
  • Email format
  • Local time zone
  • Suggested uses

Download White Paper Here