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Advanced Waveform Analysis Using Python

Category: Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis, Analyzing Waveforms

Advanced Waveform Analysis Using Python


Read how to use PMI's Python to script, graph and analyze raw PQ data.


PMI provides a suite of powerful power quality analysis software packages, from ProVision – the primary desktop offering – to Canvass and PQ Canvass, both web-based products, all well-suited for common PQ analysis tasks.


Occasionally a more fine-grained and detailed study is required, especially for unique or experimental situations. In these cases, raw PQ data must be exported from ProVision and analyzed experimentally in more general purpose tools. One such tool is Python, a scripted programming language often used for research data analysis.


Here a method is shown to extract and analyze waveform data from a PQ recording using Python and some very common, off-the-shelf scientific computing libraries.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Prerequisites
  • General Setup & Files
  • Analyzing Script
  • Main Function
  • Selecting a Cycle & Calculating FFT
  • Calculating THD vs Fundamental
  • Graphing Results
  • Generated Graph

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