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Application of the GE Flicker Curve

Category: Power Quality, Flicker, Eagle

Application of the GE Flicker Curve

Application of the GE Flicker Curve_03

Read how the GE Flicker Curve originated and how to apply it using PMI equipment.


This an overview of what the GE Flicker Curve is, how, why and when it was developed, and who developed it.


Also, this paper covers some of the more useful applications of the GE Flicker Curve and discusses some of the common sources of how flicker is generated, and how it can be introduced into a power distribution system.


Most PMI power quality analyzers have the ability to measure IEEE 141, the GE Flicker Curve along with some of the more recently developed flicker standards.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Defining Flicker
  • GE Flicker Curve, or IEEE 141
  • Flicker Causes

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