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Boomerang Networking Options for SCADA and Canvass

Category: SCADA

Unleash the several Boomerang networking options available for Canvass and SCADA.


The wireless networking options for the Boomerangs are varied and range from the simple to the somewhat complex. This paper enumerates several of these options and provides some concrete, real-world examples of different configurations and some of the pros and cons of each.


VPN Between Cellular Provider and the Utility: Under this scenario, a VPN is established directly between the cellular provider (both GSM and CDMA are available) and the end user.


Canvass Only System – Hosted at PMI: With a PMI-hosted Canvass solution, a customer’s Boomerangs will report back to the PMI network using a proprietary communication protocol designed and developed by PMI.


Utilities that are looking to deploy Boomerangs into an existing SCADA system are really given two options from those listed above: public static IP addresses outside of a VPN (the no VPN option) and the VPN between the wireless provider and the utility.


In one final scenario, a utility may wish to take advantage of all of the Boomerang’s capabilities and report both back to the utility’s SCADA network and to Canvass.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Why Virtual Private Networks?
  • What Types of VPN Options are Available?
  • Canvass Configurations
  • SCADA Configurations
  • Hybrid Canvass-SCADA Configurations

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