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Calculating Interharmonics with Raw Waveform Data

Category: PMI Products, Guardian, Harmonics/Interharmonics, Eagle

The Revolution PQ recorder can compute interharmonics in real-time, and also record each one individually as a stripchart. Each harmonic and interharmonic group and subgroup, as defined by IEC 61000-4-7, is also available. Although this is the simplest method for getting interharmonic data, it’s also possible to compute interharmonics manually with raw waveform capture data from other PMI recorders, such as the Eagle or Guardian. This method is also useful for extracting interharmonic data with a Revolution without incurring the memory cost of enabling many individual interharmonics as stripcharts – all 612 interharmonics are available from the waveform data. This whitepaper presents a spreadsheet with the interharmonic calculations, and describes how to use this with exported waveform capture data from ProVision.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Calculating Interharmonics
  • Fast Fourier Transform
  • Working with Raw Waveform Data

Download White Paper Here