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Case Study: Electric Tankless Water Heaters and Power Quality

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Case Study: Electric Tankless Water Heaters and PQCase Study Electric Tankless Water Heaters and Power Quality_06

Read our popular case study about a tankless water heater installation and how it created flicker for one utility.


In this case study, an investor-owned utility responded to a residential customer complaint. The root cause was a newly installed electric tankless water heater, requiring a transformer upgrade beyond the standard size.


This case study includes data from the initial power quality recording, the solution that was formulated by the utility using system modeling, and measurements taken after the solution was implemented. The utility’s customer guidelines were modified to account for the severe loading presented by electric tankless water heaters.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • The Case Study
  • Observations & Recommendations
  • Follow-Up Data
  • Results & Observations
  • Path Forward
  • Transformer Sizing Comparison

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