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Case Study: Spotting Pump Failure with a Boomerang and Canvass

Category: Boomerang, Canvass, Case Studies

Spotting Pump Failure with a Boomerang and CanvassSpotting-Pump-Failuer-with-a-Boomerang-and-Canvass

Understand how the installation of PMI's Boomerang and Canvass helped spot and solve well pump failure in this detailed case study.


In September of 2017, a homeowner discovered that his well was not delivering water.


The suspicion was that the pump itself was in some way failing – perhaps the motor had failed, or there was a mechanical problem with the motor or piping.


A Boomerang was installed to investigate, and left in place to confirm proper operation after the problem was fixed.


This white paper illustrates how a Boomerang was used to help identify the cause of (and solution to) the well pump issue, and also describe how to make use of Canvass to give email/SMS notifications in case of equipment failure...


This White Paper Includes:

  • How the Boomerang Works
  • Observations
  • Resolution
  • Methods for Early Detection

Download White Paper Here