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Cell, WiFi, and More with the New Cell Guardian Meter Socket Recorder

Category: PMI Products, Cellular Communications, Communications, Guardian, Meter Sockets, Using PMI Recorders

PMI has just introduced a major redesign of the Guardian meter socket power quality analyzer. This white paper will focus specifically on the new Cell Guardian recorder and cover the new features that are not present on the older model. These features include cellular and WiFi communications, e-mail and text message notification, dramatically larger stripchart and waveform memory, waveshape triggering for waveform captures, CBEMA event recording, and access to PQ Canvass


This white paper includes:

  • Cell Guardian basics
  • Cellular communications
  • PQ Canvass integration
  • Alerts
  • Enhanced waveform capture
  • Live data
  • Wifi
  • Network time sync

Download White Paper Here