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Configuring Alerts with a Guardian in PQ Canvass

Category: PMI Products, PQ Canvass, Guardian, Using PMI Recorders

PQ Canvass expands on PMI's original Canvass application with added PQ alerting and configuration capabilities.


PQ Canvass expands greatly on the original Canvass application.


Power Quality alerting has been added, and capabilities have been expanded to add contact configuration allowing multiple email addresses and SMS phone numbers.


The highly configurable threshold settings provide a mechanism for fine-grained near-real-time alerting through email, SMS and live in the web application itself...


This White Paper Includes:

  • PQ Canvass
  • Configuring a Notification List
  • Name Tab
  • Users Tab
  • Devices Tab
  • Alerts Tab
  • Events Tab
  • Configuring SMS Numbers and Email Addresses
  • Setting Trigger Thresholds in a Device

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