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Data Collection During Quick Fluctuations in Line Voltage

Category: ProVision, PMI Products, PQ Data Analysis

Learn how PMI's Significant Change Report can help identify and examine fluctuations in line voltage and other related PQ activity.


The primary use of this report is in data collection during quick fluctuations in the line voltage, with a single cycle response without recording gradual changes reducing the amount of data recorded, thus the amount of memory used for a given amount of time.


A key advantage of the Significant Change report is that only one disturbance per channel can be triggered each second. If multiple disturbances occur during a second, only the largest one is recorded. This limits the size of the report, making it much easier to analyze, while still giving single-cycle response.


This report offers a quick way to gauge the voltage power quality due to the fact that only the voltage fluctuations that exceed the pre-established thresholds are recorded...


This White Paper Includes:

  • Example of the Significant Change Graph Report
  • Summary of how the Significant Change Graph Report's importance

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