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DNP3 Point Map 2.0 Update

Category: Boomerang, SCADA

Read how the DNP3 protocol allows for growth within PMI's Boomerang family of products.


The Boomerang family of cell-connected distribution monitors continues to expand. This expansion includes updated hardware, added features and new capabilities.


These changes along with customer input have driven the need for additional DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol 3) points to be added to the PMI point map.


Whitepaper 118 (An Overview of DNP3 and the Boomerang Point Map) contains PMI’s original point map created to support the single phase, voltage-only Boomerang 2S.


This first version of the point map was superseded by the version 2.0 map to support the growing Boomerang product line as described in WP167 (Boomerang DNP3 Point Map 2.0).


This whitepaper details the additions to the 2.0 map since the release of WP167 nearly four years ago.


This white paper includes:

  • DNP3 Points Defined
  • New Pointed for All Boomerangs
  • New Product, New Points

Download White Paper Here