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Exporting Data from ProVision

Category: ProVision, PMI Products

The majority of commercially-available software products typically work with files that have a special extension. These extensions are indicative of a proprietary or unique file format custom-tailored to work with the application. Software products provided by Power Monitors are no exception, and thus files generated by PMI communication software can only be accessed via the software that created them.

ProVision uses files with an extension of .xsb, which designates the file as a ProVision Binary Recording File. These .xsb files can only be opened by ProVision, and are generated by ProVision when retrieving recordings from power quality recorders. However, ProVision also offers several options in which relevant data from recording files can be exported to other formats, such that recording data can be viewed in various other third-party programs and applications. This white paper serves as an introduction to, and demonstration of the different data export options provided by ProVision.

In order to create a report, first select the checkboxes next to the recordings you wish to select reports for in the Recent Downloads node in the Explorer pane, as shown. Then, select the report type to generate from the Report menu on the menu bar. If the recording contains the necessary report data, the report is opened accordingly. From here, the report can be exported into any of four separate formats, each of which has a unique extension that can be handled by third-party programs. The export options can be selected by clicking the generated report with the right mouse button, and selecting the desired export type from the context menu that appears. These options can also be reached by selecting File from the main menu, then selecting Export Options.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Export Options
  • Sending and Receiving Recordings

Download White Paper Here