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Flicker Standards Used By PMI Recorders

Category: Flicker, Using PMI Recorders

Flicker Standards Used by PMI Recorders

Flicker Standards Used by PMI Recorders_03

Read the standards defining flicker and flicker calculations used for easy data analysis.


This whitepaper reviews Flicker theory and details the Flicker Standards that are used by PMI recorders.


Most PMI recorders have the ability to measure Flicker. Many models and options have the ability to measure to IEEE 141 (GE Flicker Curve), IEEE 1453 / IEC 6100-4-15 (IFL, Pst, Plt Flicker).


Flicker can be a very irritating power quality issue and can also be very hard to resolve. In order to fully understand the differences between the flicker standards, it’s a good idea to review general flicker theory.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Flicker
  • Flicker Causes
  • Flicker Standards
  • Flickermeter Breakdown
  • GE Flicker
  • Pst Flicker
  • Plt Flicker
  • IFL Flicker

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