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Four-Wire Delta Voltage Unbalance

Category: Voltage Unbalance, Voltage

Four-Wire Delta Voltage UnbalanceFour-Wire-Delta-Voltage-Unbalance

Read why it is important to measure voltage unbalance in a 4-wire wye circuit.


Voltage unbalance in a four-wire or “high leg” delta can be tricky to measure. A 4-wire delta often involves unbalanced impedances, and phase shifts in the hot leg are common.


Unbalance measurements referenced to the neutral require scaling for the hot leg, and can be misleadingly low for delta-connected loads. A technique for computing true line voltage unbalance from neutral-referenced readings is shown, along with a real-world example.


In a 4-wire delta one transformer is center-tapped. As in a single-phase 120/240V transformer, the center tap is defined as neutral. The other two transformers (or windings in a single transformer) are connected in a standard delta configuration...

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