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Getting Started with the 3-Phase Boomerang

Category: Boomerang, PMI Products, Flex CT, Meter Sockets, Eagle, TLAR

The 3-phase Boomerang sends continuous voltage, current, and power information to Canvass, PMI’s cloud-based data analysis package. The Boomerang and Canvass provide web-based graphing of 3-phase stripchart, daily profile, and histogram data. This whitepaper will explain the process of installing and configuring the 3-phase Boomerang. Wye and delta circuit hookups are shown, along with CT installation. Configuring the Boomerang with cloud-based Canvass and the PC-based NMS software are also reviewed.


This white paper includes:

  • Safety considerations
  • Connecting the Boomerang
  • The voltage inputs
  • Communication
  • Using the Canvass interface

Download White Paper Here