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Harmonics and Power Factor

Category: Harmonics/Interharmonics

Harmonics and Power FactorHarmonics and Power Factor_03

Read about power factor, displacement factor and the effects of harmonics in this popular whitepaper.


Power Factor measures the efficiency in an electrical circuit, based on how much of the power delivered to a load is used by the load for work. Loads that produce harmonics affect the power factor of the circuit. This whitepaper will introduce the concept of power factor, displacement power factor, and the effect of harmonics.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Basic Concepts
  • Power Factor Defined
  • Displacement Power Factor
  • Harmonics
  • What is True Power Factor
  • Power Factor vs. Displacement Power Factor
  • Power Factor in PMI Recorders
  • Turning-off Specific Recordings Using ProVision

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