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Histogram Statistics in Canvass

Category: PMI Products, Canvass

Easily utilize PMI's Canvass software to view and measure histogram statistics for powerful data analysis.


To view a histogram, first click on the recorder on the map or select it from the list on the left hand side of the application. In the window that appears, click the “histogram” button, as shown in Figure 1.


Click on “Voltage” to choose a voltage histogram. On the right hand side of the graph that appears, click on the “+” button next to the “stats” label. A list of statistics associated with the graph will expand as shown in Figure 2.


The statistics listed are computed on the fly by Canvass; changing the time range of the graph will cause Canvass to recalculate the statistics. Next we will discuss each statistic individually.


The first statistic in the list is seconds. The seconds field is a count of how many seconds of data are included in the graph.


The histogram graph is a powerful but underused tool. Using the histogram graph and its related statistics gives a powerful data analysis option. Canvass makes this easy by computing these statistics on the fly...

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