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Holdoff and Aggregation with Canvass Alerts

Category: Revolution, Boomerang, Canvass

Read how holdoff and aggregation settings in Canvass allow for greater control and detailed notifications.


This white paper provides insight on how to set the granularity of alerting, thus avoiding notifications of unwanted momentary interruptions or other temporary events.


Frequently, some events are short enough that notification is not needed. These short events can result in a flurry of emails or text messages for a problem that’s already resolved on its own. Receiving a flood of notifications for these short events can cause notifications of unresolved events to go unnoticed.  Holdoffs can be used to ignore these events when they are short enough that immediate notification.


This White Paper Includes:

  • What is an Alert?
  • What is a Holdoff?
  • What is Aggregation?
  • When to Use

Download White Paper Here