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Hookup Diagrams for Common Mode Input

Category: Power Quality

This white paper describes the proper hookup connections for common mode input style PMI power analyzers. PMI offers the ability to monitor with two styles of voltage input connections to provide the user with the most flexibility when troubleshooting power quality issues. The VIP, iVS-3, and iVS-3/600P have differential voltage inputs where the Eagle, Revolution, and Vision have common mode voltage inputs. Although the differential and common mode voltage inputs can monitor the same circuit types; the connections on the circuit differ slightly. In order to fully understand the circuit hookup diagram, some circuit theory will be reviewed.


This white paper includes:

  • Common mode or single-ended inputs
  • Differential voltage inputs
  • Circuit types
  • Three-phase WYE
  • Three-phase Delta
  • Open Delta
  • Four Wire Delta
  • Two Element Delta
  • 2½ Element WYE
  • 2 Wire Single-phase
  • 3 Wire Single-phase
  • Setting the circuit type

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