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IEEE Std. 141 Flicker Curve vs. IEEE 1453 Flicker Meter

Category: Power Quality, Flicker, IEEE Standards

IEEE Std. 141 Flicker Curve vs. IEEE 1453 Flicker MeterIEEE Std 141 Flicker Curve vs IEEE 1453 Flicker Meter_07

Compare the IEEE standard 141 GE Flicker Curve vs. the IEEE 1453 Flicker Meter standard.


This whitepaper describes and compares two of the IEEE Flicker standards: the older standard 141 (the GE Flicker Curve), and the newer IEEE 1453 (Flicker Meter standard).


The 141 standard is based on studies performed on human perception of light flicker using a simple square-wave voltage variation at a constant frequency, and the newer IEEE 1453 standard provides an improved method for evaluating the perception of light flicker by handling complex loads from multiple sources or with varying rates of occurrence.


This White Paper Includes:

  • What is Flicker?
  • Flicker Causes
  • IEEE 141 The GE Flicker Curve
  • IEEE 1453 The Flickermeter Standard
  • Functions of the IEEE 1453 Flickermeter
  • Flickermeter Definitions and Equations

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