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Impact Loading

Category: ProVision, Using PMI Recorders

Impact Loading

Impact Loading

Read about impact loading and how to use PMI's new ProVision report to quantify the rate of current surges.


Impact loading occurs from the inrush current of large motors, welding apparatus, electric arc furnaces, or similar loads.


The current pulses are less than short circuit values but may be on the order of 8 to 10 times the rated current of the transformer. 


This particular load pattern can cause early transformer failure, or the need to de-rate the transformer.


Impact loading with large inrush current can place severe mechanical stress on transformer windings and other components from the large magnetic fields involved.


The repetitive mechanical stress can lead to early transformer failure. Several considerations are used to determine correct transformer sizing.


A new ProVision report can help quantify the rate of current surges, and provide information for transformer de-rating or sizing under impact load conditions.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Motor Inrush Current
  • Unit Transformers
  • Unit Transformer Sizing Considerations
  • Transform Sizing Curve
  • Recorder Settings for Measuring Impact Loading
  • Using ProVision for Analyzing Motor Starts

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