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In Place Updating with ProVision

Category: ProVision, PMI Products

ProVision, the power quality data analysis software provided by PMI, is constantly modified to meet the changing needs of engineers and technicians, and to ensure compatibility with other hardware and software products available from PMI. The latest version of ProVision is always available for download from the PMI website. The upgrade manager, until recently, served to alert the user that a new version of ProVision was available and presented a quick method to access the PMI website to obtain the new version. However, this still necessitated the manual uninstallation of the previous version, and manually installing the new one. The latest version of ProVision, build 5086, updates in-place eliminating the need for manual uninstallation prior to an upgrade.


This white paper includes:

  • Overview
  • A mention of UAC
  • Functionality within Provision
  • External functionality
  • Advanced functionality

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