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Interharmonics in ProVision

Category: ProVision, PMI Products, Box Recorder

Learn how interharmonic data can be recorded into different types with the help of ProVision and certain PMI recorders.


To modify interharmonic settings for a compatible recorder in ProVision, first open the initialization dialogue for that recorder. To do this, right-click the recorder in the Device Tree, and, from the resultant context menu, select the option for “Initialize.”


These steps can also be performed for a recorder settings template. The settings for interharmonics are a new addition to the “Interval Graphs” settings screen, which is the first advanced settings screen displayed.


ProVision offers multiple types of interharmonics available for being recorded: harmonic groups, harmonic subgroups, interharmonic groups, interharmonic subgroups, and individual interharmonics. Furthermore, the additional THD values can also be included.


The two primary regions of the settings screen for interharmonics are designated in...


This white paper includes:

  • Initialization
  • Interharmonic Reports
  • Interharmonic THD Graphs
  • Custom Graphs
  • 3D Interharmonic Graphs

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