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Introduction to Electric Vehicle Systems

Category: Electric Vehicles

Introduction to Electric Vehicle SystemsIntroduction to Electric Vehicle Systems_03

Read the basics of electric vehicle charging and how these systems affect the power grid.


Here, the fundamentals of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station, the different plug types used, charge modes, levels, and the operational basics are covered.


There are several established wired systems and some of the newer developments in plugless or wireless charge systems that are now hitting the aftermarket to complement many popular EV models.


Understanding the different types of charging systems will help in making recommendations to customers, and dealing with the impacts of widespread EV adoption across the distribution system.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Charging Modes
  • Wireless Charging Stations
  • Plug & Charge Mode Types
  • SAEJ1772 Standard
  • Safety
  • Effects on Power System
  • Charge Level Types
  • Smart Charging

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