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Introduction to PQ Canvass

Category: PMI Products, Canvass, PQ Canvass, Guardian, Meter Sockets

PQ Canvass allows utilities to manage devices, browse recordings and easily view live waveforms from any location.


PQ Canvass provides a cloud-based system for power quality data analysis, storage, and real-time display to recorders in the field.


Browser and tablet friendly interfaces allow for graph and report generation, live readings, email and SMS alerts, and recorded data management.


All collected data up to the present is immediately available in a web browser. This eliminates the need to wait for a recording session to finish, or go back in the field to see what’s been collected so far.


The combination of always-connected recorders and PQ Canvass makes gathering and analyzing power quality data easier and faster.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Signing In
  • Main Menu
  • Devices
  • Graphs
  • Graphs - Graphing Live Data
  • Reports
  • Recordings
  • Users
  • Alerts Pane
  • Account Menu
  • Change Your Password

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