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Introduction to Voltage Sags

Category: Voltage Sag, Power Quality, PQ Canvass, Using PMI Recorders

Introduction to Voltage Sagspq_sag_capture_5

Voltage Sags can wreak havoc on sensitive equipment.  Read more to find out how to deal with this power quality nuisance.


Voltage sags are short-duration power quality nuisances that can wreak havoc on sensitive electrical equipment.  Identifying and classifying sags (as well as identifying their sources) can be a tedious and perhaps daunting task for a Power Quality Engineer.  This white paper provides an overview of voltage sags, their definition according to the IEEE 1668 standard and some methods for capturing and measuring voltage sags with  power quality recorders.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • Overview of Voltage Sags
  • Definition per the IEEE 1668 Standard
  • Identifying & Classifying Sags
  • Best Practices for Capture & Measurement



Download White Paper Here