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kWh Variations Between PMI Recorders and Revenue Meters

Category: PQ Data Analysis, Flex CT, Using PMI Recorders, TLAR

This white paper discusses some of the reasons that PMI’s power quality analyzers may differ with the exact amount of power indicated by a power company’s revenue meter. There are many types of power revenue meters and depending on the technologies used, under certain load conditions revenue meters will vary in measurements with one another and with PMI power quality analyzers. There are a broad range of possible reasons why this happens; this white paper will cover how a PMI recorder may vary in power measurements with regard to two of the more common revenue meter types , the electromechanical induction meter and the electronic power meter. Understanding how different power meters work and how PMI recorders work is important to understanding why these power readings can vary.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Electromechanical Induction Meters
  • Electronic Meters

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