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Measuring PLC AMR Signals with the Revolution

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Measuring PLC AMR Signals with the Revolutionrevolution_in_case copy

Read our methods for waveform capture analysis to help find interference in PLC signals.


Many AMR (automatic meter reading) systems rely on PLC (power line communication) signals for data transfer. These signals travel on the 60Hz distribution network and can be affected by power line noise and attenuation.


Troubleshooting PLC-based AMR systems requires measuring signal and noise levels at comparable levels and bandwidths to the PLC system itself, directly on the 60Hz system. The Revolution can measure the larger outbound data signal with interharmonics.


Further, a method is shown to capture the very small inbound signal with a detailed waveform capture analysis. These measurements can aid in finding interfering noise sources or null spots that attenuate PLC signals.


This Whitepaper Includes:

  • TS2

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