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Measuring Voltage Unbalance

Category: PQ Data Analysis, Voltage Unbalance

Measuring Voltage UnbalanceMeasuring Voltage Unbalance

Understand how to efficiently measure voltage unbalance with the help of data recorded by PMI hardware, paired with ProVision software.


Voltage unbalance can cause severe heating in motors and large DC power converters and an increase in harmonic currents.


Fortunately unbalance is easy to measure with PMI recorders and ProVision – only standard RMS voltage stripchart data is required from the recorder.


Ideally the voltages of a polyphase system are all equal in magnitude.


Due to uneven single-phase loading, differences in impedance in connectors, transformations through open delta and other non-symmetric transformer arrangements, and other factors, the line voltages are often not exactly equal as delivered to a load.


Small differences in voltage are usually harmless, but as the difference increases, problems can quickly develop.


Voltage unbalance in a three-phase system can be defined as the max deviation from the 3-phase average, divided by the average...

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