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Motor Start-Up from All Angles

Category: PMI Products, Voltage Sag, Power Quality, PQ Data Analysis, Guardian, Voltage, Eagle

Review ProVision graphs and reports available for useful motor start-up analysis.


ProVision has a multitude of graphs available that are great for analyzing the various aspects of motor start-up and the PQ issues that arise while operating these devices.


Using an RMS Interval chart to find motor start events, we will discuss how to use waveform captures for detailed analysis and how to use reports to find motor starts hidden by high trigger thresholds or memory wrap around.


This white paper aims to give an overview of the graphs that are available and to demonstrate the usefulness of each for analysis of motor start-up characteristics, and also to tie together multiple types of graphs and reports in ProVision.


This White Paper Includes:

  • Capturing Motor Start Information
  • RMS Voltage and Current Interval Graph
  • Voltage and Current Waveform Capture
  • Voltage and Current RMS Waveform Capture
  • Significant Change Report
  • Event Change Table Reports

Download White Paper Here