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New ProVision Release for Handling Large PQ Recordings

Category: ProVision, Revolution, PMI Products, Guardian

With the introduction of the cell Guardian, 1 GB of memory in a PQ recorder is increasingly common. Although the resulting large files can provide a wealth of data, they can be a challenge to handle locally. To address these challenges, a new version of ProVision has been released (version 1.70). The main change for this new version is to add support for a new file format designed specifically for use with very large PQ files. One of the main advantages of this new file format is a smaller memory footprint during recording download and during viewing reports and graphs. The smaller ProVision memory footprint reduces the PC memory requirement to download or analyze a large PQ file. Also, a standalone program recording file downloader program is included with the ProVision installation.


This white paper includes:

  • New file format
  • Choosing the download file format
  • Reduced memory footprint
  • Standalone downloader
  • Examples
  • PQ Canvass
  • Updating Provision

Download White Paper Here